Dr.’s Ideal Black Phenyle

Are you worried about your office or home floor cleaning? Are you on the hunt for a dependable floor cleaner? If yes then explore Ishwar Hygiene products online. You will come across one of the best products popular as Dr.’s Ideal Black Phenyle. It is available in different packaging. You can read the product description and place your order for Black Phenyl Online right now.

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Order Dr.’s Ideal Black Phenyle Online

Customers even looking for a bulk quantity of Black Phenyl at an affordable price can connect with us. We assure our valued customers of the best price in the market. Moreover, our products are quality-oriented. We aim at building customer relationships. For us profit is secondary and earning customer satisfaction is the primary thing.

Buy Black Phenyl in Indore 24×7

Why waste your precious time looking for Black phenyl in Indore when you can easily get it online at Ishwar Hygiene. You have read it correctly. We bring to you the best in industry products guarantying 100% hygiene. Black phenyl in Indore is available in the pack of 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 2L, 5L Bottle, and so on.

Visit us online anytime to learn more about the floor cleanerBlack phenyl in Indore city. Made from pine oil and other components, Black phenyl in Indore is widely used for cleaning purposes. We guarantee 99% purity. The floor cleaner is black in colour. Today, it is the favourite choice of people hunting for the best Black phenyl in Indore region.

Black Phenyl Features:

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Affordable price
  • Extra strong

Form- Liquid
Colour – Black
Shelf Life: Long Shelf Life
Purity: 99%
PH: 8.5 ~ 9
Application: Cleaning

This Black phenyl in Indore is a multipurpose floor cleaner. It is good for laboratories, industrial, residential, and other place use. Also, drum packing can be ordered. It is because of the great features Black phenyl in Indorehas become one of the most demanding floor cleaner available online at Ishwar Hygiene.

Keeping workplaces, home, and other premises clean, disinfected, and bacteria-free is obligatory. For the same, you need a product that is a hundred percent dependable. One such product in the city is none other than Black phenyl. Of course, Black phenyl has gained the trust of millions of users. At present, black phenyl has become the first choice of even the housewives in the country. What are you waiting for? Rush to place your order for Black phenyl in Indore online 24×7.


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