Dr.’s Ideal White Phenyle

White phenyl- helps keep the place disinfected

Ishwar Hygiene is a renowned provider of quality white phenyl that is used inside hospitals, clinics, homes, schools, etc. to keep the place disinfected.

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With a surge in COVID-19 cases, people are leaving no stone untouched when it’s about keeping the place disinfected, and even people are encouraged by the governments to keep themselves and their homes clean. You can get the best white phenyl from us based on your requirement. Ishwar Hygiene has a unique range of cleaning products like bathroom cleaners, disinfectant spray, surface cleaner, toilet, and bathroom cleaner, etc. that offer maximum hygienic by disinfecting the place.

Key benefits of purchasing white phenyl

  • The white phenyl offers rapid disinfection from a broad spectrum of microbes that are present on the floor.
  • These products are useful in lowering the spread of COVID-19, as they are effective in minimizing the exposure to other germs present on the floor.
  • By using thiswhite phenyl, the chances of infection lower manifolds.
  • All the products manufactured at Ishwar Hygiene are used inside homes, hospitals, beauty parlours, malls, clinics, spas & salons, clinics, among many other places.
  • These products meet the minimum standards and are being used by thousands of office owners & homeowners.

So get the best white phenyl in Indore that helps lower exposure to germs that could otherwise make you sick. Ensure the safety of your loved ones by staying clean and disinfected the entire day.

Ishwar Hygiene is a renowned manufacturer of disinfectants including white phenyl that is used for cleaning the floor at schools, offices, homes, among many other commercials, residential, and industrial places. You can get the best quality white phenyl in Indore that helps lower the spread of germs, infection, greatly, all the ingredients used in making this product are of high quality that ensures complete hygienic. Also, it has a nice fragrance that will enhance the freshness of the place.


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